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E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design | Services

E-Commerce Web Design
  • Customize cart with your logo
    and color scheme
  • Add items to cart
  • Set meta tags, product descriptions,
  • Setup shipping and tax settings
  • Connect cart to merchant acct
    for credit card processing
  • Teach you how to add, edit,
    delete items

E-Commerce Web Design is quite a bit different from regular web design. There are things like encryption, credit card validation, cart abandonment and other issues that other web sites don't encounter. What is common in the development of all web sites is the high importance of what consumers want. Online merchants don't just have to worry about what consumers want to buy, but also how they want to pay.

We help our e-commerce web design clients with their entire online store presence. We can either just setup your online store and get you on your way, or we can hold your hand through everything from setting up business bank accounts to connecting your merchant account & gateway to the cart.

The legalities and technical requirements for starting an e-commerce web site can be very intimidating. Q Web Designs is here to help.

E-Commerce | PayPal vs Merchant Account

In a recent survey, we found that most online merchants want to do whatever is cheaper and easier when it comes to accepting payments online. However, survey results showed that consumers don't respond well to merchants who try to stay cheap rather than cater to consumers. Less than 15% of consumers would purchase from a web site that only uses PayPal (no merchant account or other options). This means that online merchants would be missing out on 85% of their potential customers if they rely on PayPal alone.

Did You Know?
You can have a merchant account and an Authorize.net gateway (the most trusted gateway in the industry) for around $20 per month?

Don't misinterpret our position with this research. We love PayPal so much that we offer it as a second payment option through our web site. We also love helping our e-commerce web design clients sell to as many customers as possible. So we strongly recommend that all online stores have a regular merchant account as well as a second option. PayPal is a wonderful second option ... just not ideal for being the only payment option.

Call 502-298-2802 today for affordable and effective e-commerce web design.

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